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Oleg Volovik Oleg Volovik wrote on August 1, 2017 at 11:24 PM:
Many and many thanks to all who expressed their emotions, opinions and wishes regarding our International Musical Competition "Colibri". Thank you for your emails, for your warm words! And we will see you in November 2017 🙂



I would like to thank Unity in Diversity Arts Foundation and especially Lev Volovik for organizing the 9th Musical “Hummingbird” competition!  The competition became  a wonderful opportunity for children of all ages to showcase their talents, creativity and hard work.  Special thanks go  to the dedicated team of organizers, jury, parents and volunteers who helped to make this event possible.  The goal of such events is to encourage and help the children reveal their talents and artistry. The City of West Hollywood, with its continued support, has been instrumental in making this a reality. It took a lot of planning and hard work, but there is always room for improvement, so your input would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards,

Tatyana Rodzinek,
Russian Community Outreach Coordinator
Public Safety DepartmentCity of West Hollywood
Nov 22, 2016

About a decade ago Lev Volovik had a vision of creating the competition for young instrumental and vocal performers.Today, nine years later it is a reality. As a professional musician I have admired the way this completion is organized: the level of performance is getting  higher every year, the panel of judges is professional and fair, the Gala concert is always a celebration of promising young talent. The competition gives the opportunity to the participants and their teachers to set a good goal and work hard to achieve it. It gives the students and their families a sense of very positive accomplishment. It helps students to learn  the importance of hard work and discipline. It gives them a chance to be on stage and overcome the fear of public performance. The competition is always well documented by the talented photographer Oleg Volovik. Thank you, Unity in Diversity, for your enthusiasm and hard work. You will always have my support in this meaningful endeavor.

Diana Volman, City of West Hollywood
Member of The Russian Advisory Board
Nov 22, 2016

Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful contest COLIBRI!I noticed that compared to the competition in which Kazakhstanis took part, the quality of performance of the participants has now grown very much! It is very nice! So this competition is very necessary for the younger generation, for their further improvement!I will definitely work on attracting participants from Russia and Kazakhstan to the next anniversary contest! Stay healthy! Success in your good deeds! 
Yours faithfully,

Guldana Zholymbetova
Jury Member of the Instrumental Contest
Nov 24, 2016

Thank you for all you do to promote music in children’s lives, we greatly appreciate it.May you and family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Grace Sun Lee
Nov 22, 2016

You gave a wonderful platform for kids to perform and you judged everyone very fairly. I want to thank you once again for that.This is what I would tell my friends. Hope we meet again next year for the competition.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Nov 24, 2016

Thank you so much Lev! 
You are doing an amazing job running this event and giving young people a chance to have this wonderful experience.
The photos are fantastic! 
Most Cordially,

Nov 22, 2016,

Inspiring, interesting, exciting and very useful and promising for young participants. Worthy of all praise and followers. Only such enthusiasts as Lev Volovik, who understand everything and everyone, with knowledge of business and human non-standard can “unravel” and the difficult situations inevitable in such complex events, “in the afternoon with Fire” try to find him, he, apparently, is one-such. Do you know anyone else?

Zinaida Bulgak
Nov 27, 2016

Dear Colibri Competition,
I loved the gala concert and I think it was a great idea. It was great to see all the top performers of the competition!2. I think the audience etiquette could be improved. Reinforcing audience etiquette would be good. Overall, I really enjoyed the competition, I loved participating in it! Thank you so much!

Scarlett Chen
Nov 27, 2016

Hello, it was a nice event.I think it would have been helpful to have an idea of the overall hours.  I came to early, and had to leave before it was over.

Elizabeth Smith
Nov 27, 2016

Thanks so much for organizing this opportunity for young musicians.My student Scarlet Chen had a great experience and enjoyed very much. She and her mom told me the gala concert was done in a grand manner that made her feel that she was participating a prestigious international competition. Thanks again for everything and hope these comments helps. 


Thank you for a wonderful competition.  My daughter, Keilani Bolhuis, age 10, has participated for the past three years, performing on the piano, and enjoys performing in the festival so much. It has created such wonderful memories for her.  
As for feedback:
What we like most about the Colibri competition is the type of students participating in the festival, they are very diverse and also so very nice to each other and supportive of each other. We also like the prizes/trophies that you award the students who performed well, the students always look so happy to receive them.  The location and free parking are very good, thank you.  We also appreciate the rehearsal on the piano the day before the event.  Two hour awards program is very nice length and format. Thank you for making the awards presentation so special for the students by calling them up to the stage, and presenting them with their awards and certificates.   Thank you, too, for sending us the link to the West Hollywood photo website!  The festival photos are terrific!  Please continue taking and sharing photos with parents/students each year! 
What we would like to be improved:
It would be nice to have backstage waiting rooms heated/warmer.  It would be nice to have you inform students and teachers before the festival date what time (hour) each group should check-in — for instance, 1st group should be there at 11am, and second group should check in at 12, and 3rd group at 1pm, etc.  It would be nice to have Sunday awards program start at 3pm.  It would be nice to know before the festival the criteria for the different awards.  It would also be nice if the festival (Saturday and Sunday) has been videotaped and if so, where can we watch the show or video of the festival?  
Thank you for asking us for your feedback. We really appreciate you producing this competition every year, it really inspires my daughter Keilani to practice and perform at her best.  Your festival also has helped her learn the value and rewards and joy that music and the piano can bring to others when she performs and shares her music with others.  Thank you so very, very much! Your time, energy, and love that you put into producing and organizing this festival is deeply appreciated!!! 
Most appreciatively yours,

Ms. Kiku Iwata
Mother of Keilani Bolhuis (teacher Nadia Cherni’s student)
Nov 23, 2016

We liked the professionalism of the event, we really learned a lot about how it is important to present yourself in dress, posture, timing, and patience. We heard amazing musicians, and learned so much! Oliver has never seen such great performers and was so excited to be Part of such an amazing event. He really picked some favorites and was excited to see all the competitors play on the second day, it was exciting to see who would win. The awards ceremony performers were exceptional! They have proven that hard work and practice do really pay off! 2. What would you change about the competition. The only thing I would suggest is possibly just a few less players on the competition day for the lowest levels. They were all great players though!Thank you so much for letting us be a part of the event. It really was a special experience and Oliver has a new understanding and appreciation of music through it.
Thank you!

Oliver Arett and Kristen McCormick
Nov 23, 2016

My name is Larissa Bogdanova, I am piano teacher for about 40+years,  I have been bringing my students to participate in COLIBRI for about 9 years now. I’m very glad and grateful to organizer and founder of this wonderful competition, Lev Volovik. I’m proud to have my students to show off their talents and skill. Music is the biggest part of my life, and have my students being part of International Instrumental Competition is great.
There are few details I would like to add to make this organization even better, I wished it was more advertised, the word about COLIBRI must be spread. Every year there are winners and new talents been recognized, I believe it gives kids drive to study hard and love their skill. I feel that every year the level of kids talents grows higher and I absolutely feel that the competition is worthy of its recognition!!! I also wished it was more grand, in the way its decorated, I believe it needs more flowers, and more prizes. Maybe a gift certificates besides the trophies. Also the hosts this year made a huge impression on the guest and the competition itself. They were presentable and absolutely professional.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you Lev Volovik for giving kids an opportunity to show off their talent and that we have a competition COLIBRI every year to look forward too.

Larissa Bogdanova, piano teacher
Nov 24, 2016

Dear members of Colibri Competition Committee:
First, I appreciate greatly that Colibri Competition exists and is flourishing. I understand well the inherent difficulties involved. I admire the high level of competition, the professionalism of the judges, and dedication of all those who give their time to this great project. I want to especially commend Mr. Lev  Volovik for his invaluable dedication. I am pleased to be a part of this ongoing event and look forward to successful years ahead.
With best wishes,

Tanya Slootsky, piano teacher
Nov 23, 2016

Dear Lev!
Thank you and the whole organizing committee for the music contest “Colibri”. In this year, 2016, he passed at a high level both in the preparation of the contestants and in the organization of rehearsals and awards ceremony. I, as a piano teacher, especially liked the programs of participants in all age categories. It was nice to see a lot of participants and a lot of spectators in the hall. The entire competition was held in a friendly and festive atmosphere of the festival of music. The most important thing for me as a teacher was that thanks to this competition my students have the desire and motivation to learn new interesting works and perform them on stage. This is an invaluable experience and memories that will remain with us for a long time. Thank you again for such a wonderful musical competition “Hummingbird”.
Thank you, Lev, great for your work done, for the wonderful organization of the whole contest and the love of music!

Nadezhda Chernyavskaya, piano teacher
Nov 24, 2016

Dear Lev,
We would like to send our gratitudes to you, teachers and all the people that worked so hard for this beautiful event.It was job well done. Thank you so much for making the magic happen. We had a great time enjoying all the beautiful music and looking very much forward to the next year event. 
Just a suggestion if we parents could bring some refreshments to share, then it would make it even more fun for kids and give the adult the opportunity to engage with other parents and organizes as well.
Again thank you very much from the bottom of our heart,

Sara and Hamid Nadi
Nov 27, 2016

Dear Lev,
Thank you very much for doing such a fantastic job organizing all of these competitions for our students. We truly enjoy the experience and look forward to it every year.
Have a happy holidays from The Gorodkin Family, as well as my students and their families!!

Sima Gorodkin, vocal teacher
Nov 26, 2016