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“Unity in diversity is the highest possible attainment of a civilization, a testimony to the most noble possibilities of the human race” – Michael Novak (1983)


Unity in Diversity Arts Foundation creates cultural and educational programs in the areas of the arts, music, literature, paintings, photography, cinema, and theater in cooperation with many ethnic and cultural organizations in the United States and throughout the world. We dedicate ourselves to provide the best enrichment opportunities for children and seniors.

Started in 2004, this non-profit organization was founded by a group of artists and professionals from the Russian community in Los Angeles to help various musical and theater groups, art studios, painters, artists and musicians from the former Soviet Union, to unite and reach their full creative potentials here in the United States. The Foundation has now broadened their influence and goals to make artistic and educational programs available and accessible to children and seniors from underprivileged low-income families of all cultural backgrounds.

Our mission and goals require us to have a solid financial base, which we hope to create through membership fees, donations from sponsors and grants from variety of foundation as well as from our own work.  The money will be used to organize exhibits, auctions, festivals, concerts, creative competitions, poetry reading and musical evenings, and theater productions, writing books and most of all making all of these events available at no- or low- cost to children and seniors from the underprivileged cultural and ethnic groups.  

Unity in Diversity Arts Foundation will stimulate and encourage the creative potential of its members through grants and stipends, through art tours and by publishing most prominent creation of our masters.  We will also stimulate and enrich the community in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas by giving people exposure to education on arts and culture and by making it all affordable and feasible for people who would otherwise not be able to see world art. 

Unity in Diversity Arts Foundation organizes and produces several events throughout the years, but the Colibri Young Performers Musical Competition has become a community favorite and a staple of what the foundation represents and plans to achieve. 


  • Oleg Volovik, CEO, Art & Educational Director, Photographer
  • Lev Volovik, VP, Founder, Chief Financial Officer
  • Helen Gurevich, Secretary


  • Maxim Volovik, Technical Director
  • Misha Kopitman, Musical Director
  • Katerina Kutepova, Marketing Director
  • Alina Volovik, Social Media & PR Director


  • Maksim Kuzin – Assistant, Youth Symphony Orchestra Conductor at UCLA
  • Svetlana Transky – Pianist, Doctor of Music
  • Natalya Gerasimenko – Musical Producer
  • Stella Shenderovich – Community Event Coordinator
  • Ying He – International Culture and Arts Exchange Society of USA, Director. External Communications
  • Vladimir Vasylyev – Artist, Art Teacher
  • Eduard Khorovsky –  Singer,  Community Event Coordinator
  • Marianna Popzlateva –  Singer, Community Event Coordinator