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West Hollywood’s Resident Art Organization

Gives Los Angeles Children the Opportunity to Express Their Creativity in a Big Way.
West Hollywood, CA. –November 18,19 2017 & December 2,3 2017
Unity in Diversity Arts Foundation

The City of West Hollywood, California, has a great pleasure of co-sponsoring and granting a 10th Annual International Musical competition with one of the popular arts organizations, Unity in Diversity Arts Foundation. The event is called : The International Musical & Vocal Competition of Young Performers “Hummingbird”.
Competition to be held November 18,19 2017 & December 2,3 2017

It is always good to know that there is an organization out there that teaches less fortunate kids to express themselves artistically, keeping them focused, inspired and hopefully out of trouble. Unity in Diversity Arts Foundation is a cultural and educational organization that gets engaged in the areas of arts, music, painting, literature, photography and theater and works in cooperation with many ethnic and cultural groups and organizations in the United States and throughout the world.

Started in 2004, the foundation has now broadened its influence and goals to make artistic and educational programs available and accessible to children and seniors from underprivileged low-income families of all cultural backgrounds. UIDArts organizes and produces several events throughout the year, but the “Colibri” Competition for Young Performers has become a community favorite and a staple of what the foundation represents and plans to achieve in the coming year.

The “Colibri” competition promotes integration of all cultures, increases mutual understanding, and creates a favorable platform for the youth movement throughout the world. This year, the event will be celebrating its 8th Anniversary. Annual gathering of talented kids has become very popular among young performers from USA, and elsewhere.

The “Colibri” International Music Competition for Young Performers will feature winners of the previous competition, which included over 300 children, between ages of 4 to 18. Most of the children introduced their countries’ traditional costumes, which as one of the audience members commented, was a colorful addition to this array of talents.

Preparations are already underway for the next year’s larger scale “Colibri” event which will be held at the venue that has become everybody’s favorite in West Hollywood, CA. Fiesta Hall of our famous Plummer Park has become a home for the competition and the organizing committee of the Unity in Diversity of Arts Foundation will be doing everything they can to keep the tradition alive.

As with previous competitions, the next one will begin in November and will culminate with a gala event, which will feature performers who reside in different countries. 

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